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Helping Humanity Succeed

Our mission is to provide anyone who is faced with incriminating piss tests a way to easily beat the system. For the small amount of a $1.99 you can pass your next piss test with ease even if you have been smoking pot. This is a 100% sure fire result that costs pennies. Prison tested and convict approved.

100% Pass Rate Guaranteed

This system has been scientifically proven to pass any piss test with a 100% pass rate, time and time again. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that all of the products necessary to complete this undetectable cover up can be found in your own home cupboards, pantry, or local grocery store. You will be amazed at how simple it is to pass any piss test.

Secret Information



Hidden From The Gen Pop

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Our Piss Pass System is non-detectable and works at all levels of piss testing. For a $1.99 of out of pocket cost you too will have access to the same information that prison convicts and rich people have known about for years. This Top Secret Information we are about to share with you has been scientifically proven to be 100% accurate all of the time.

By using normal everyday consumable products from your home or grocery store. Our 3 step system is very straight forward and easy to understand. It's a great opportunity to help yourself while also helping misfortuned children get the help they deserve.

RMcDH Gets 51%



People Helping Children

By contributing a $1.99 you gain access to information that may save yourself or a loved one from losing a job. 51% of all proceeds will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charity For Kids. Helping children get through any adversities that they may face.

Make The Difference

The fear of failing a piss test will no longer be a worry for anyone, ever again. Tested and Proven to have a 100% Pass Rate. Make The Difference Today!

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